Purebred Limousin & Lim-Flex Genetics.

Purebred Limousin & Lim-Flex Genetics

Our Story

"Our success isn't just about hard work. It comes down to our focus on genetics, our passion for good cattle and the way we treat our customers."-GV Limousin

GV started raising Limousin cattle 40 years ago after a daughter’s 4-H steer was Champion Carcass Steer & Champion Live Limousin Steer at a 700+ Junior Steer Show. Gene & Virginia Raymond purchased 4 Limousin heifers at that time from Ron & Carolyn Holland – who had bred and raised the steer.

Gene and Virginia Raymond, Arne and Stacy Hanson own and manage the enterprise. The family-owned operation that began as a homestead in 1854, now manages over 400 head of registered Limousin and Lim-Flex® females. GV Limousin takes pride in producing quality genetically superior Limousin cattle for both the commercial cow-calf sector and their fellow seedstock producers.

Gene graduated from Kansas State University in the early 60’s with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. He has been active in all phases of the Beef Industry ever since – from commercial and
Meet Arne and Gene

Arne Hanson

Gene Raymond
purebred production to industry organizations. Gene started as an instructor with Graham’s School for Cattleman, Garnett, Kansas in 1973, and continues teaching to this day. His passion since childhood has been good horses and good cattle. He loves judging and showing cattle, but knows the production side is the real Beef Industry.

Arne graduated from Iowa State University in 1980 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. He purchased his first Limousin female from Pompadour Hills Limousin in 1976. Arne has fit and shown Limousin for Pompadour Hills, Yackley-CMC and Symens Brothers in South Dakota, and later managed Spitz Limousin and McRee Limousin in Oklahoma.